iNdiGoSmiTh provides a digital platform and the customization and support to support your website and other digital systems requirements. We offer our solution on a monthly subscription basis for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to scale their business. We focus on customizing to your needs and evolving as you grow so you can respond to changes in your business environment.


Websites and Portals

Our core focus is websites and portals. You can start with a simple website on our dynamic platform so you can grow it as a community portal. Upgrade it to become a commerce portal to generate revenue. And as your organization grows, establish a staff intranet to let your workforce work from anywhere. Add custom applications and use it for any aspect of your business from administration of billing and payments to supporting your operational workflow and processes.


Customization and Support

We provide a host of services and support to help scale your digital platform as your operations from a startup and small business to a medium to large enterprise. We also believe in delivering managed services to ease the administration and management of systems.


Some customization and support services we can provide include the following:

  • We can customize our Portal Templates and work with designers to implement any design template and custom look and feel.
  • We can extend our File Share systems to provide a comprehensive document and file management system and processes beyond the limitations of standard products and services.
  • We can develop custom applications to extend our Application Desktop.
  • We can tailor our Excel Downloads and Document Generation for any document forms and spreadsheets you need.
  • We can tailor our Data Warehouse, Reporting, Dashboards and Business Intelligence platform.


Developing Solutions in Partnership

We thrive in partnerships and our aim is to develop solutions with those that have specific domain expertise. We look to partner with entrepreneurs, start ups and businesses that want to generate sustainable annuity revenue.


If your requirements need a project or special custom requirements, talk to us and we can help plan and budget to implement your needs.