Business Applications

More than just websites and portals, we design and develop business applications. From a feature rich and collaboration centric Staff Intranet to our Applications Desktop, we provide businesses with an integrated digital platform.


Staff Intranet Features and Custom Business Applications

We will build a feature rich Staff Intranet that will help you run your business:

  • Collaborate, interact and generate content
  • Share files and documents
  • Schedule calendar events, tasks, reminders and notifications
  • Manage processes with forms and custom applications from browsers and mobile devices
  • E-learning and a knowledge base of company policy and procedures
  • Automate document generation and correspondence
  • Extract and upload data via spreadsheets and files
  • Dashboard, reports, audit logs, exception management and search
  • Share videos and media files, photos and marketing material and content
  • Application Desktop with custom applications and business modules and person productivity tools
  • and more