Process Automation

Our Process Automation platform is an upgraded enterprise system that includes all the Portal and Business Platform features. This platform supports automation of business processes for medium to large organizations which can involve high Information Technology (IT) costs. We can reduce this cost significantly per transaction and improve both profitability and efficiency.


Automation includes scheduled, batch and real time processing involving large volumes of data and information. These include scheduled processing like End of Day, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Month Ends, Quarterly and Annual processes such as Year Ends and Tax Submissions. The aim is to reduce manual capture, work and error. We also design and integrate IOT devices (Internet of Things) to automate processes like job costing and other industrial applications.


Base: Monthly Subscription

$2000 per month

In addition to the Business Platform features, the Process Automation provides the functionality to support automated processes.


In the context of Process Automation, a Base: Monthly Subscription would include the following:

  • Automate your manual processes by transforming them to online Forms with workflow rules and automated processing capability.
  • Automate the processing of real time tasks from Mobile Apps, Email and SMS Response Forms and Workflows.
  • Upload or integrate source data using various file formats including Excel Imports and Extracts.
  • Reduce the tedious work to format data by automating the process to Extract, Transform and Load data.
  • Implement Meta Data Management to help manage and configure Database Repositories and Data Processing.
  • Automate the generation and distribution of documents to customers direct to their email and phone with Correspondence and Communication Management.
  • Automate Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual processes with Scheduled Processing capability.
  • Manage and maintain large volume transactions through Transaction Management Tools that include Dashboards, Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting.
  • Integrate existing and custom devices using Internet of Things (IOT) technology for various enterprise and industrial applications.


Extended: Managed Services

$2500 per month

In addition to the base subscription, our Extended: Managed Services includes additional services to help manage your website.


In the context of Process Automation, Extended: Managed Services could involve the following:

  • Assist with Process Management including Process Administration and Monitoring.
  • Assist with Systems Administration and Configuration of your Process Automation and other features.


Advanced: Custom Support

$3000 per month

With Advanced: Custom Support, we get all the above benefits and additional ongoing customization services.


In the context of Process Automation, Advanced: Custom Support could involve the following:

  • Tailor and customize your Processes and Applications for your business.
  • Support and implement ongoing change requests and customizations to features where applicable.


Third Party Services

Depending on Volume Transactions

Third party services are usually billed on a per transaction basis and could include bulk transactions for email and SMS notifications as well integrating features or micro-services.


In the context of Process Automation, Third Party Services could involve the following:

  • Additional Storage and Maintenance of large volume Data Repositories.
  • Additional Storage or extended File Storage.
  • Large volume Transaction fees Bulk Email and Bulk SMS for notifications of campaigns and events.



Job Estimation and Quotation Required

Jobs include any work or change that requires more than a day or two and requires a cycle of analysis, design, implementation and testing. These are estimated and quoted on separately as jobs.


In the context of Process Automation, a Job could involve the following:

  • Analyse, design, develop and implement custom Business Processes requiring Forms, Documents, Transactions and Reports for your operational needs.
  • Design feature rich and custom Management Systems of your Process Automation Tools including improved exception management, auditability and controls.



Project Plan and Budget Required

Projects and programs (with sub projects) involves substantial work that may take months to implement or transition into operational change. The work is undertaken after a plan and budget is agreed upon.


For the Process Automation, it is recommended that you should have a project budget to facilitate an initial period for analysis, research, design and development. Speak to use about your requirements and we can advise you on a strategy, plan and budget.


In the context of Process Automation, a Project could include the following:
  • If you have a major set of custom Business Requirements and Operational Functionality that requires a number of inter-dependant activities and feature builds.
  • Process Modelling and Requirement Specification that involve substantial design and work to be done.



Migration Plan and Budget Required

You are not locked in. If you decide to migrate or move to another platform, speak to us about a migration and transition plan which we can help facilitate.


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