Business Platform

Our Business Platform includes all the Portal Platform capabilities and extends it to support business needs. The Staff Intranet facilitates all the features and functionality for your staff to work and perform tasks that are essential for your operations. We all provide an Application Desktop for designing and implementing Custom Applications to support varies operational processes in your business.


Staff Intranet

There are a number of Intranet design templates and software available. Our Staff Intranet solution can be customized and designed specific to suit your brand. A modern intranet is feature rich and provides tools for managing files and documents and productivity tools such as contact management and calender events and schedules. It is a collaboration platform that enables staff to interact and work irrespective of their location.



Custom Applications

To support business operations, we have designed and developed an Application Desktop for implementing Custom Applications. We design and implement forms for capturing, processing with business rules, documents and files generated for download and reports and other application functionality. You can manage customers, employees and supplier data records and build in processing rules and transactions to support business management and administration functions.