Enterprise Platform

Our Enterprise Platform extends the Business Platform to support requirements of medium to large enterprise. It is designed to deal with large volume transactions and the need to automate business processes. Managing costs and increasing efficiencies are critical to enterprises. Enterprises at scale understand the cost-benefits that automation and integration can help to achieve.


Process Automation

Our Process Automation platform is designed to facilitate the implementation of customized solutions specific and unique to an enterprise. While there may be common sets of information and functions that businesses need to operate, successful automation addresses very specific needs. Process Automation can involve business administration, operational processes and industrial and manufacturing processes. It can involve reducing human data capture and working with source data as well as making use of devices - remote, mobile, smart and IOT (Internet of Things). But this also involves investment in expensive middleware infrastructure, tools and skills which we seek to assist companies in reducing.



Systems Integration

The advent of the Internet and Cloud Services means that systems are now built on services. Enterprises are increasingly dependant on the integration and use of various systems and services. This includes integrating financial and accounting systems, human resources information and various lines of business to support governance, management and operational requirements. We take care in our approach to make use of best practices in the analysis, design and modelling of solutions to insure accuracy of data and information.