More than just websites

iNdiGoSmiTh provisions websites and portals on a monthly subscription basis. iNdiGoSmiTh is an implementor of the Integretis Platform (www.integretis.com). There are a number of benefits to our service approach.

  • Start off with a simple website and evolve over time with lower costs and risks.
  • Rather than pay a lot of money upfront, you can start with a low cost on a monthly basis.
  • You can build your website using a design template of your choice.
  • Your website is not static. It can be a dynamic portal and it can evolve with more and more functionality.
  • As your business or community grows you can use it to deliver services and to administer your business or your staff and internal work processes.

Scale with our Monthly Service Plans

You can scale your website and portal with our Monthly Service Plans.

  • Website Portal From $25 per month: Start your website.
  • Community Portal From $100 per month: Build a community and customer value added services.
  • Commerce Portal From $250 per month: Automate your revenue generating services and customer support services.
  • Workspace Portal From $500 per month<: Support remote work and work from home. Streamline your administration and business processes.