The Services We Provide

Core Services

iNdiGoSmiTh provides a digital platform and services for your websites and portals on a monthly subscription basis. The following services are included in the monthly service plan.

  • We host your website and portal along with any additional data, files, media (images and video), and content generated.
  • We provide you with a help desk and technical support so you aren't on your own.
  • We assist with customizations and requirements such as content administration and management.
  • We help and advise on how to make the most of your digital strategy.


Tip of the Iceberg: While our core services is about websites and portals, our plaform and network of partners provides much more for you to scale and succeed as a business.

Extended Services

Depending on your choice of service plans and configuration, it may be sufficient to cover your operational and project needs. If not, we provide extended services that are available at an additional charge.

  • We are not creative designers or digital marketing specialists but we have partners that can assist you.
  • We can do development and configuration as part of our customization services but we do not develop software for clients other than customizations on our platform.
  • We can provide additional tools and services but they may require more extensive work that we would have to quote on.
  • As a cloud based service, we provide tools and interfaces but speak to us if you have specific or additional requirements.
  • Some work may involve a project and may require an analyst and architect to document requirements and design solutions.
  • We can also provide additional extended services for areas of specialized skills or expertise on an hourly or consulting basis.
  • If you have been using our platform for more than a year and decide to use another platform, we can help with a Migration Project so you are not locked in.

Digital Transformation Projects

While we want you to scale and customize the platform for your needs, that may involve additional work or to be undertaken as a project. This is particularly true when your portal becomes an integral part of your business. Sound analysis, planning, project management, documentation and process design is an investment in your business. This is critical for the success irrespective of what systems or technology you use to support your business. Especially when your are automating your administration, operational processes and integrating various business systems and data.

IT as a Service

Looking for a way to lower Information Technology (IT) costs while gaining flexibility? If you are a business or enterprise considering how to lower the cost of IT, we can provide an "IT as a Service" solution. Our platform provides an alternative IT infrastructure that will allow you to automate, integrate your business processes. We can provide a comprehensive applications development and support service and systems integration services.

Startup Technical Partner

Looking to become a Start Up and generate recurring income from the digital economy? If you need a technical partner to implement, consider becoming a business partner using our platform. We have business partners that are subject matter experts to whom we provide solutions and implementation capability as the technical partner. We also work with business enterprises that are not just clients but are strategic development partners for new services we help take to market.

Investor Funding

Need Project Funding or Investors? We can help raise funding for startups and projects with our investment partners and project sponsors.