Monthly Service Plans

Our service plans are designed to support the evolution and scaling of your website, brand and business or aspirations.

Website Portal From $25 per month

Establish and develop your digital presence.

  • GOAL: Establish a digital presence to promote your brand in the public domain and follow up on contact requests, interest and opportunity leads.
  • OBJECTIVE: Manage the website yourself with our website admin tools or free yourself to focus on your business and make use of our administration and support services.
  • STRATEGY: Select or create a design template you can further customize for your brand.
  • COST BENEFIT: Minimal to no upfront development and setup cost and low monthly costs that allows for continuous change and evolution.
  • CAPABILITY: We provide the technical capability to customize and evolve it with more functionality to meet your requirements.

Community Portal From $100 per month

Grow a community or network with increasing support and loyalty towards your brand.

  • GOAL: Provide a secure private access to value added services.
  • OBJECTIVE: Grow the number of user accounts for a community of potential customers and clients who follow your brand.
  • STRATEGY: Provide your community with free value added services.
  • COST BENEFIT: Manage and lower the costs associated with building a community and scale as you increase your user accounts.
  • CAPABILITY: We can further customise the platform and provide the technical capabilty and support to help you succeed.

Commerce Portal From $250 per month

Make the ease of transacting more convenient and develop a stable revenue stream.

  • GOAL: Upgrade and establish an e-commerce platform when you want to automate your revenue generating services.
  • OBJECTIVE: Use your portal to take on clients and customers and allow them to purchase your products and services.
  • STRATEGY: Automate and integrate the sales and customer processes with your internal administration.
  • COST BENEFIT: Manage and lower the costs associated with e-commerce and transactions.
  • CAPABILITY: We will help you evolve your portal as a digital revenue generating service.

Workspace Portal From $500 per month

You need your portal to become a secure digital workspace when you have an organization and staff. You will want to coordinate and automate your business processes and internal administration.

  • GOAL: Upgrade to a digital workspace as a portal for your staff and organization.
  • OBJECTIVE: Allow your staff to work from home or remotely from almost anywhere.
  • STRATEGY: Automate your internal administration, facilitate organizational collaboration and integrate your systems.
  • COST BENEFIT: Lower your IT cost per employee and user and across your business processes.
  • CAPABILITY: We provide an IT as a Service for small businesses to large enterprise.