Community Portal

Our Community Portal is ideal for individuals that are professionals or small business owners and can scale to businesses and large enterprises.


Base: Monthly Subscription

$100 per month

In addition to the Website Portal features, the Community Portal provides a secure login area for members so you can build your brand following. You can add additional value added services to get people to register on your portal.


In the context of a Community Portal, a Base: Monthly Subscription would include the following:

  • A secure login that allows people to register and login with a user account.
  • Leverage security architectures for private use to mitigate some of the associated risks of cloud services.
  • Tools for member interaction such as Discussion Forums and Blogs.
  • A Media Library for you to showcase downloadable media from electronic documents and brochures to photos, image files and video.
  • Maintain communications through Email and SMS Notifications such as Newsletters and Calendar Events.


Extended: Managed Services

$125 per month

In addition to the base subscription, our Extended: Managed Services includes additional services to help manage your website.


In the context of a Community Portal, Extended: Managed Services could involve the following:

  • Assist with User Administration.
  • Assist with managing folder and file configuration of your Media Library and other features.


Advanced: Custom Support

$150 per month

With Advanced: Custom Support, you get all the above benefits and additional ongoing customization services.


In the context of a Community Portal, Advanced: Custom Support could involve the following:

  • Tailor value added features and tools in the Application Desktop such as Notes and Reminders, Tasks.
  • Customize features and configuration as you need them.
  • Tailor the Community Administration such as Group Permissions for your needs.
  • Assist with Survey Forms, Reports, Dashboards and Analytic Logs for Monitoring your community activities.
  • Integrate Collaboration Tools such Chat and Texting Tools and Video Conferencing.


Third Party Services

Depending on Volume Transactions

Third party services are usually billed on a per transaction basis and could include bulk transactions for email and SMS notifications as well integrating features or micro-services.


In the context of a Community Portal, Third Party Services could involve the following:

  • Streaming services like Live Video.
  • Additional Storage or extended File Storage.
  • Large volume Transaction fees Bulk Email and Bulk SMS for notifications of campaigns and events.


IT Platform

You can scale your "IT as a Service" platform to enterprise level capacity and capability

As your organization or community grows, your storage and other service costs may increase. You can upgrade your platform to scale and reduce your 3rd party and per user costs. The platform options provide increased dedicated resources, security and systems administration. In addition, you will need robust middleware for more complex systems integration and process automation. These platform options will help reduce the cost of your IT and make use of your digital portal as more dedicated IT platform and Business or Enterprise Cloud.


You can choose to upgrade your platform:
  • Domain Platform - Free: you start off with a domain platform that is free and utilizes shared services.
  • StartUp Platform at $500 per month: for startups that require test and production environments.
  • Business Platform at $1500 per month: for businesses with more than 30 staff members, the business platform is more dedicated, secure and performance tuned to scale.
  • Enterprise Platform at $3000 per month: for larger enterprises with many companies or lines of business. Dedicated IT middleware for systems integration, automated processing and data warehousing. Unlimited user accounts and portal domains.



Job Estimation and Quotation Required

Jobs include any work or change that requires more than a day or two and requires a cycle of analysis, design, implementation and testing. These are estimated and quoted on separately as jobs.


In the context of a Community Portal, a Job could involve the following:

  • Adding Community Tools and Features specific to your community.
  • Configure and leverage 3rd Party Services such as Bulk Email and SMS Campaigns ahead of campaigns and events.
  • Document Generation and Correspondence that includes automation of distribution via Email.
  • Adding features such as E-Learning, Online Help and Interactive Media and Gamification.



Project Plan and Budget Required

Projects and programs (with sub projects) involves substantial work that may take months to implement or transition into operational change. The work is undertaken after a plan and budget is agreed upon.


For the Commerce Portal, it is recommended that you should have at least a small project budget to facilitate an initial period for analysis, research, design and development. Speak to us about your requirements and we can advise you on a strategy, plan and budget.


In the context of a Community Portal, a Project could include the following:
  • If you have major Community Building and Member Recruitment Campaign that requires a number of inter-dependant activities and feature builds.
  • Planning for large events such as conferences.
  • Marketing and Branding Building Campaigns that involve substantial design and work to be done.



Migration Plan and Budget Required

You are not locked in. If you decide to migrate or move to another platform, speak to us about a migration and transition plan which we can help facilitate.


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