Website Portal

Our Website Portal is ideal for individuals that are professionals or small business owners and can scale to businesses and large enterprises.


Base: Monthly Subscription

$25 per month

Our base monthly subscription is competitive with most offerings that only host static websites. Our approach is more organic in that we do not charge for up front work and can implement a template that can be changed and evolve. This allows you to evolve and change over time as this is a more natural approach to build and maintain your website incrementally and iteratively. There are tools and templates you can implement but we provide a platform and service that can scale or grow with your business.


In the context of a Website Portal, a Base: Monthly Subscription would include the following:

  • We provide a variety and Design Templates based on your needs or you can supply one to implement.
  • Depending on the template, there will be an initial set of pages which requires content that you provide.
  • We can register a domain on your behalf.
  • We administer and host your website and provide all ongoing support.


Extended: Managed Services

$30 per month

In addition to the base subscription, our Extended: Managed Services includes additional services to help manage your website.


In the context of a Website Portal, Extended: Managed Services could involve the following:

  • We make it easy and simple for you by allowing you to simply upload or email content and files and we take care of the rest.
  • You can submit change requests to text and copy or images.


Advanced: Custom Support

$50 per month

With Advanced: Custom Support, you get all the above benefits and additional ongoing customization services.


In the context of a Website Portal, Advanced: Custom Support could involve the following:

  • We can customize the Content Management System to be more simple or add features.
  • If you need additional features, we can customize and configure features such as Contact Forms and add readily available features to your website.
  • If these custom features are more complex, we can advise on how best to undertake and implement.



Job Estimation and Quotation Required

Jobs include any work or change that requires more than a day or two and requires a cycle of analysis, design, implementation and testing. These are estimated and quoted on separately as jobs.


In the context of a Website Portal, a Job could involve the following:

  • You may require a large or bulk set of content or images to be uploaded or implemented.
  • If you need a designer to do special graphic or design work.
  • If you need a feature that requires analysis and design and change management in your operations.
  • If you need an event or marketing campaign planned and coordinated or special features and pages designed and implemented.



Project Plan and Budget Required

Projects and programs (with sub projects) involves substantial work that may take months to implement or transition into operational change. The work is undertaken after a plan and budget is agreed upon.


In the context of a Website Portal, a Project could include the following:
  • If you are undergoing a re-branding and need this coordinated over a period.
  • Where strategic consulting and creative direction is required and a project team of designers, copywriters and specialists are required.
  • Marketing Campaigns that involve substantial design and work to be done.



Migration Plan and Budget Required

You are not locked in. If you decide to migrate or move to another platform, speak to us about a migration and transition plan which we can help facilitate.


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