Internet of Things Services

We have integrated IoT devices to our platform.

  • We can design and produce devices that provides real time data that you can monitor on our platform.
  • IoT devices can help to reduce data capturing and for automating industrial processes, agricultural solutions, manufacturing and machinery data and indicators.
  • We can also integrated IoT with mobile devices, for work management and for transaction processing.

Our Process Automation platform is designed to facilitate the implementation of customized solutions specific and unique to an enterprise. While there may be common sets of information and functions that businesses need in order to operate, successful automation addresses very specific needs. Process Automation can involve business administration, operational processes and industrial and manufacturing processes. It can involve reducing human data capturing and working with source data as well as making use of devices - remote, mobile, smart and IOT (Internet of Things). This involves investment in expensive middleware infrastructure, tools and skills which we seek to assist companies in reducing.