Business Platform

The Business Platform is designed to support staff user accounts. This includes capacity for file sharing, data volumes, bulk email and SMS notifications and secure transactions. There is increased support for business processes and workflow and their associated logs. Overall our business platform is designed to be cost effective and efficient for business.


IT Platform Types

You can choose the platform that best fits your portal requirements:
  • Domain Platform - Free: you start off with a domain platform that is free and utilizes shared services.
  • StartUp Platform at $500 per month: for startups that require test and production environments.
  • Business Platform at $1500 per month: for businesses with more than 30 staff members, the business platform is more dedicated, secure and performance tuned to scale.
  • Enterprise Platform at $3000 per month: for larger enterprises with many companies or lines of business. Dedicated IT middleware for systems integration, automated processing and data warehousing. Unlimited user accounts and portal domains.